Easily Grow Your Business

Stop wasting time and energy chasing customers. 

Attract them with our proven & cost-effective digital strategies.

"Within a month...we were in the top five Google results, we had a beautiful professional web presence and our Facebook page was the centre of a vibrant community with dozens of views and likes per post."
Allen H.
President and Proprietor - Garderie Educative Les Petits Amis

We’ll Help You…

Be Different

Discover how to build brand value and stand out in the market.

Our differentiation strategies will convert customers and conquer competitors.

Build Loyalty

Keep customers coming back for more while increasing word-of-mouth referrals.

Our touchpoint strategies create brand champions to maximize market share. 

Sell More

Increase sales while respecting your marketing budget.

Our network of partners supply you with the best possible deals for all your needs.

Protect Your Investment!

We offer many services, but our focus is on smart marketing strategies. We’ll never convince you to buy products you don’t need to succeed. 

We also limit our customer selection to ensure clients never compete with each other.


Our Services


Targeted ads to get your business on the first page of Google the moment a customer hits search. And display your banner across the web. 

It’s possibly your best return on investment.


Place your business at the center of attention. And have compelling conversations with your customers.

The ideal choice for building awareness and loyalty. 


The best sales tool to capture interest. And a full network to manage everything.

Build your digital presence with captivating designs, imagery and text.

Need anything else? 

From printing services to lead generation and email campaigns, we cover all your marketing needs from A to Z.


"We were brand new, with no identity, no customers and a shoestring budget. In a few months, we expanded our online following to thousands of people, with hundreds of emails captured, and we're still growing. Highly recommended!"
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Why Excom?

Excom is an entire marketing team at your disposal.

Managed by experienced professionals who love marketing, we use scientific data analysis to guide imaginative content creation.

Our mission is to create compelling customer journeys optimized for success.

Our partners include text, image and video creators; website and graphic designers; specialists in software implementations; channel managers; and much more.


We can quickly boost current marketing efforts while establishing strategic initiatives for the future. 

It’s why we’re your Partners for Success!

Our Process

The first step is a short interview to analyze your business needs. We’ll then present your marketing plan proposal with detailed actions. 

Once approved, our creative process will begin to create all the content needed to launch your campaigns. From there, constant data analysis ensures we’re always optimizing for the best content and performance.

Throughout the project, you’ll receive fast email summaries with the latest key metrics, as well as complete monthly business reports for detailed insights.

It’s never been easier to grow your business!

"Excom started working on the project the day we hired them, and they kept us in the loop the whole way to completion. I couldn’t be happier – recommend them to companies that need to improve their virtual presence."
Allen H.
President and Proprietor - Garderie Educative Les Petits Amis

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Marketing your business shouldn’t be boring, expensive, slow or complicated.

With digital tools, it’s never been easier to engage a wide range of people, at the very moment they need you.

Get customers calling, viewing your website, and discussing your brand today!